LL.M. Andreas Hermann

Environmental Law & Governance
Description:A focal point of Andreas Hermann’s expertise is on technical environmental law at national and European level. Major aspects include the analysis, development and evaluation of instruments for environment-related steering of new technologies (nanotechnologies, CCS, genetic engineering) and the ongoing development of existing environmental legislation. Focal areas of research are the fields of chemicals law, energy and climate change mitigation, waste and materials cycling law, emission and ambient pollution control law and genetic engineering law. Andreas Hermann also carries out policy advisory work in Germany and abroad.

Publications List


Sustainable Bioenergy: Current Status and Outlook
Hennenberg, K., Fritsche, U., Hermann, A., 2009
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STRADE Introductory Presentation
Manhart, A., Hermann, A., Buchert, M., Schüler, D., Degreif, S., STRADE Consortium, Hay, D., 2016


STRADE flyer (español)
Manhart, A., Buchert, M., Hermann, A., Schüler, D., Degreif, S., Hay, D., STRADE Consortium, 2016
STRADE flyer (Francais)
Buchert, M., STRADE Consortium, Hay, D., Degreif, S., Schüler, D., Manhart, A., Hermann, A., 2016
Resources Fever -Broschure
Fritsche, U., Manhart, A., Hermann, A., Buchert, M., 2007


3. Policy Paper - Germany 2049
Buchert, M., Hermann, A., Degreif, S., Schleicher, T., Huenecke, K., Bulach, W., Mottschall, M., 2016
2. Policy Paper - Germany 2049
Buchert, M., Hermann, A., Stahl, H., Mottschall, M., Bulach, W., Huenecke, K., Schleicher, T., Schmidt, G., Degreif, S., 2016